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20 Qualities for a Successful Life

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20 qualities for a successful life

 We often wonder how a person can be so successful in life! Is it because he inherited the success or is it because of his unique character? There are certain traits that we can adopt in order to be successful in life. These are:

Sincerity: Being sincere and following your values and beliefs would guarantee you success. So don‟t try to be something that you aren‟t. Just be yourself and impress others.

Be genuine: Your actions are greater than your words. So don't exaggerate or deceive others. Just be genuine.

Being wholehearted: You should be enthusiastic regarding things you do. So you should whole heartedly devote yourself to do good to others and your community.

Honest: Being honest is quite difficult but when you let honesty guide you, you‟ll achieve greater success. So never deceive or do fraud to get ahead in life.

Heartfelt: Be honest and appreciate others. Thank people who do good to you and reach out to those in need.

Heartiness: Be warm and genuine with others. This would radiate your character and affection towards others.

Humility: No matter how rich or successful you are, always be humble with others. This would have a longer impact on others.

Personal integrity: It is important that no matter how successful you become, you should always keep your values intact. Never trade your moral values for material benefits.

Incorruptibility: Be affirmative and hold your ground to stick towards your beliefs. Don't let others corrupt you.

Good judgment: Show good and fair judgment in life. Treat everybody with equality and respect. 

Focused: Always maintain your focus and give your total attention to the people you interact.

Courtesy: Be good to others and show courtesy even to those who are strangers.

Civic sense: Exhibit civility and respect. Don't dominate people and speak with kindness and respect.

Wisdom: Wisdom is gained by experience. Be in touch with the Holy Spirit within you in order to gain higher understanding and wisdom.

Charity: Be generous and charitable to others. Extend help even to those who have not helped you.

Empathy: Know that everybody is different and has different needs. Understand others feelings and thoughts.

Sympathy: Always be sympathetic to people under emotional stress. Try to understand things from their view point.

Compassionate: Reach out and help those who are in distress. You wouldn‟t believe the good wishes they'll send out to you.

Altruism: Think for others without being selfish. Do good and don't expect things in return. Moreover, don't express to others the favors you do to them.

High-minded: Give your money, time and knowledge to others so that they can learn from your experience. Don‟t stop short thinking that they‟ll get ahead of you. It takes a high mind and a generous heart to do that!

The traits given above are some of the qualities that a successful person should possess. Try to adopt them in daily life and make them a part of your character.

Here are 27 quick steps you can take toward relieving stress:

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1. Don’t just sit there. Move! According to many psychologists, motion creates emotion. You might notice that when you are idle, it’s easier to become depressed. Your heart rate slows down, less oxygen travels to your brain, and you are slumped somewhere in a chair blocking air from reaching your lungs. 

2. Smell the roses. How do you smell the roses? How about investing some money to go on that one trip you’ve been dreaming about? Visit a country with lots of exotic places to jolt your imagination and spur your creativity. You need to detach from your daily activities and venture a little bit.

3. Help others cope with their problems. It is very therapeutic when you engross yourself in helping others. You will be surprised how many people’s problems are worse than those you may be facing. You It works canbea stress People anxiety might aerobic could can offer others assistance in countless ways. Don’t curl up in your bed and let depression and stress take hold of you.

4. Laugh a little. By now you’ve heard that laughter is a good internal medicine. It relieves tension and loosens the muscles. It causes blood to flow to the heart and brain. More importantly, laughter releases a chemical that rids the body of pains.



5. Wear your knees out. If there were one sustainable remedy I could offer you when the going gets tough, it would be prayer.

6. Make stress your friend. Acknowledge that stress is good and make stress your friend! Based on the body’s natural “fight or flight” response that burst of energy will enhance your performance at the right moment.

7. Stress is contagious. What we mean by this is that negative people can be a huge stressor. Negativity breeds stress and some people know how to do nothing but complain. Don’t get caught up in their downing behavior. Recognize that these kinds of people have their own stress and then limit your contact with them.

8. Copy good stress managers. When people around are losing their head, which keeps calm? What are they doing differently? What is their attitude? What language do they use? Are they trained and experienced? Figure it out from afar or sit them down for a chat. Learn from the best stress managers and copy what they do.

9. Use heavy breathing. You can trick your body into relaxing by using heavy breathing. Breathe in slowly for a count of 7 then breathe out for a count of 11. Repeat the 7-11 breathing until your heart rate slows down, your sweaty palms dry off and things start to feel more normal.

10. Stop stress thought trains. It is possible to tangle yourself up in a stress knot all by yourself. “If this happens, then that might happen and then we’re all up the creek!” Most of these things never happen, so why waste all that energy worrying needlessly? Give stress thought-trains the red light and stop them in their tracks. Okay so it might go wrong – how likely is that and what can you do to prevent it?

11. Know your stress hot spots and trigger points. Presentations, interviews, meetings, giving difficult feedback, tight deadlines....... My heart rate is cranking up just writing these down! Make your own list of stress trigger points or hot spots. Be specific. Is it only presentations to a certain audience that get you worked up? Does one project cause more stress than another? Did you drink too much coffee? Knowing what causes your stress is powerful information, as you can take action to make it less stressful.

12. Eat, drink, sleep and be merry! Lack of sleep, poor diet and no exercise wreaks havoc on our body and mind.

13. Go outside and enjoy Mother Nature. A little sunshine and activity can have amazing ramifications on your stress level and will enhance your entire outlook towards life.

14. Give yourself permission to be a 'kid' again. What did you enjoy when you were a child? Draw; paint; be creative. Play with Play- dough, dance, or read. Play music, allow yourself freedom to express yourself without worry that you're not keeping with the image of who you are 'supposed' to be. Just relax and enjoy yourself.

15. Don't set unrealistic for goals for yourself. Many of us set ourselves up for defeat simply by setting unrealistic goals for ourselves. For example, if you are dieting, realize you cannot lose 40 pounds in one or two months.

16. Learn it is OK to say 'no' occasionally. Often, many of us feel we have to say 'yes' to everyone, every time we are asked for help and feel that we must respond in a positive fashion. But, remember, you cannot be all things to all people.

17. You do not have to do everything your family, friends, and others ask. Of course you can help others, but first make sure you have done what is necessary to take care of yourself.

18. Make time for yourself, your number one priority; once your own needs are met you will find you have more time for others.  And you may find  more pleasure in helping others when you don't feel that you must always put others needs before your own. We’re not done yet! There are so many great ways to combat stress and anxiety. You deserve to get all the information you can. After all, that’s really why you’re reading this, isn’t it? Here’s some more stress busters.   

19. I really love this thought and have used it many times myself! Yell! That’s right, scream at the top of your lungs – as loud as you can. While this may not be feasible in your home, it works great when you’re in your car with the windows rolled up. Let out a guttural yelp from deep down inside. It’s liberating!

20. Sing. As we said in the previous chapter, music can be extremely beneficial when getting rid of stress. Think how much better you can feel when you belt out “Copacabana” at the top of your lungs! Who cares if you can’t carry a tune? You’re doing this for you!

21. Take up a new hobby like knitting or crocheting. Don't worry about being good at it. It's the process that's beneficial. Sitting still while performing repetitive movements is calming and stabilizing for many people. It can be time to collect your thoughts.

22. Start a garden. Even apartment-dwellers can do this. Inside in pots, pots on the patio, pots, a small spot in your yard.

23. Play with a dog or cat. Experts say pet owners have longer lives and fewer stress symptoms that non-pet owners. Playing with your pet provide good vibrations – for you and for the pet! It’s a form of social interaction with no pressure to meet anyone’s expectations!

24. Look at the stars and the moon. It can be a very humbling experience to lay on a blanket with your hands behind your head and gaze up into the night sky. It’s more than humbling; it’s downright beautiful and relaxing!

25. Treat yourself to some comfort food. But be careful or over-eating could become your big stressor. Enjoy in moderation and make yourself feel better.

26. Swing. Remember the feeling of sitting inside that little piece of leather on the playground as you sway back and forth and feel the wind whipping through you hair? Do that! If you don’t have a swing in your yard, go to a playground and remember to pump your legs back and forth to see how high you can go.

27. Take a candle lit bubble bath. Even you guys out there can benefit from a warm bath bathed in the soft glow of candlelight. Lay your head back, feel the bubbles and the warm water, and let your stress go right down the drain when you pull the plug!

Do you have STRESS or Anxiety? Take the TEST

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Contrary to popular belief, there is a difference between stress and anxiety. 

Common indicators of excessive anxiety include:

�� Diarrhea �� Dry mouth �� Rapid heartbeat or palpitations �� Insomnia �� Irritability or anger �� Inability to concentrate �� Fear of being “crazy” �� Feeling unreal and not in control of your actions which is called depersonalization


Ask yourself the following questions.

Answer yes if you’ve been feeling this way consistently over a period of two weeks.

1. Do you find yourself constantly sad?

2. Are you un-motivated to do simple things like shower, clean up the house, or make dinner?

3. Do people tell you you’re overly irritable?

4. Do you have trouble concentrating?

5. Are you feeling isolated from family and friends even when they are around you?

6. Have you lost interest in your favorite activities?

7. Do you feel hopeless, worthless, or guilty for no reason at all?

8. Are you always tired and have trouble sleeping?

9. Has your weight fluctuated significantly?

If you can answer “Yes” to five or more of these questions, you could be suffering from clinical depression. It is important for you to seek out the help of a medical professional whether that be a doctor or a therapist.

Now let’s see if you are overly stressed out. Ask yourself the following:

1. Do you worry constantly and cycle with negative self- talk?

2. Do you have difficulty concentrating?

3. Do you get mad and react easily?

4. Do you have recurring neck or headaches?

5. Do you grind your teeth?

6. Do you frequently feel overwhelmed, anxious or depressed?

7. Do you feed your stress with unhealthy habits-eating or drinking excessively, smoking, arguing, or avoiding yourself and life in other ways?

8. Do small pleasures fail to satisfy you?

9. Do you experience flashes of anger over a minor problem? 

If you can answer “Yes” to most of these questions, then you do have excessive stress in your life.

Let’s move on to anxiety.

1. Do you experience shortness of breath, heart palpitation or shaking while at rest?

2. Do you have a fear of losing control or going crazy?

3. Do you avoid social situations because of fear?

4. Do you have fears of specific objects?

5. Do you fear that you will be in a place or situation from which you cannot escape?

6. Do you feel afraid of leaving your home?

7. Do you have recurrent thoughts or images that refuse to go away?

8. Do you feel compelled to perform certain activities repeatedly?

9. Do you persistently relive an upsetting event from the past?

Answering “Yes” to more than four of these questions can indicate an anxiety disorder.

Suffering from depression, too much stress, or excessive anxiety can endanger your overall health and it’s time to take steps to overcome this – RIGHT NOW! Stress and anxiety affects many factors in our body not only in our mental state. Cancer and other deadly diseases are related to stress and anxiety because of the changes in the chemical composition in our body due to stress and anxiety. You don’t have to be a victim of stress and anxiety, its just all about discipline and having a proper schedule. Not taking in anything you cannot handle will be a lot of help. Learn your limitations and stick to it. Do not over exert yourself. Just try to go over the border an inch at a time. 

The Power of Antioxidants for Staying Young

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Everyone wants to grow old gracefully. Some go under the knife to get that youthful look while others opt for a more natural way to maintain that healthful glow. The way to make peace with age can be found in the types of foods that we eat and the miracle ingredient they contain.


This hidden ìmiracleî is called antioxidants. They have graced the pages of magazines, medical journals and every product from hand cream to supplement pills. But what are antioxidants and what can they do to keep you looking your best?


Antioxidants are substances that fight the aging process that goes on in your body. They are not produced by the body so to get the benefit of these power-packed substances you must ingest them. A variety of foods contain antioxidants.


Letís go back to the beginning. The body continually replenishes its cells. Through a process called cellular metabolism, the body produces energy, more cells and repairs any damage. One by-product of cellular metabolism is unstable molecules called free radicals.


Free radicals are molecules that damage your body. They are unstable because they are missing an electron. To get another one and become stable, free radicals will steal electrons from cells. That theft damages the cells in a variety of ways.


The results are visible and invisible changes to our bodies. The development of diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis and neurological deficiencies may begin to affect you as you age. Also, thinner skin wrinkles and brittle bones are a problem. Free radicals enter our body from outside sources as well: cigarette smoke, radiation and the sunís UV rays. The more free radicals we encounter, the greater the damage that can be done.


Antioxidants have been shown to be of great help in the free radical problem. Antioxidant substances combine with free radicals and neutralize them. Once they are neutralized, they can no longer do any damage. Scientists donít have any idea of a recommended daily dose of antioxidants to correct free radical damage and the diseases that come with age, but they do know that eating foods rich in antioxidants makes a huge difference in how we live.


Where do you find antioxidants? They are all around us. Look no further than your local farmerís market or produce aisle in the grocery store. Fruits and vegetables contain the principle sources of antioxidants.


Examples of antioxidants include:

* Vitamin C

* Vitamin A

* Vitamin E

* Lutein

* Lycopene

* Beta-carotene


Certain minerals like zinc and selenium also function in the body. They are not antioxidants but they boost the immune system to fight against free radical damage.


Antioxidants are also found in nuts, legumes, cold water fish, seafood and red meat. So, eating a varied diet of fruits, vegetables and the foods just named will increase the amount of antioxidants in your system and help reduce the incidence of disease. Eating fruits and vegetables in their natural form instead of juices brings the benefit of other nutrients found in the foods. Juices also contain a lot of sugar that is not needed by your body.


Food does more than stave off hunger. Natural substances found there can cause us to live longer and stay free of disease as we age.




Welcome to TheVanessaFactor!

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Welcome to TheVanessaFactor!! We are here to help the world get beautiful from the inside out! I am so excited to start this blog. I will be posting on various things from Recipes, Beauty, Fitness, Wellness, Entrepeneurship and Spiritual Inspiration!! I am so passionate about my business because not only do I get to help others transform their beauty but I get to build a Legacy that I can leave my kids and their families after them! WOW that's powerful! Whoever thought that my one decision a year ago would affect so many people! We are growing like wild fire because people want what we have FINANCIAL FREEDOM!! I was at a restaurant the other day for lunch and the waitress said, "Oh, let me go hurry and get your bill so you can get back to work!" I looked at her with a big smile and said it's ok I OWN MY TIME! I can stay as long as I want, I'm in no hurry. She had a baffled look on her face and asked what did I mean? I told her about how I use to be a Realtor and I  had to sell a house every month to get a big check and that's why I love what I do now! I don't have to sell a house next month to get paid, it's called RESIDUAL income and it's awesome!! Growing a team and getting leadership bonuses have afforded me the luxury of owning my own time! Of course she wanted to know more. If you would like to know how to own your time then get in contact with me and I will walk you through 3 easy steps on just how to do that! Let's bring communities together and breathe life into their DREAMS!

Thanks and have a great night God Bless, Vanessa