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Fierce Over Fifty Mentor

Meet Vanessa

Hi, I'm Vanessa Eberbach, Relationship Marketing Expert

I am a Wife, Mom and a Business Owner.  I have two amazing children, Marissa age 15 and Daniel is 14 and they are the best business partners I could ask for.  

I'm teaching Marissa to become the next millionaire in the family!

I love the young man he is becoming and that I can take time out of my day to go on retreats with my son Daniel and promote my business too!  I love what I do!!!!

My PASSION is MINISTRY and my VEHICLE is Helping Others through Relationship Marketing!

Transformed Beauty starts on the inside, helping you connect with your TRUE IDENTITY! We can bring freedom to communities globally! Become a part of a FREEDOM MOVEMENT and help breathe life into other people's DREAMS!!

2016 was a year of TRANSFORMATION, I turned 50!! I can't believe how fast time has gone. I look at my life and I'm so thankful to be in Relationship Marketing because it has given me the ability to have financial FREEDOM! Freedom to be able to take my kids on family vacations with my sister's family. We were able to stay in a cabin for a week and go to Dollywood and the Biltmore! I also took my kids down to Siesta Keys Beach Fla and stayed in a furnished condo and then stoped at Bush Gardens on a whim coming back on our drive home! Freedom to travel, pay bills, donate to charities and YES get my hair and nails done without having to ask my hubby for money!! The Best thing of all though is helping and watching new team members come in and change their lives and start to DREAM BIG again!

I love having my sister from Hawaii, to the left, Veronica Bueno on my team! It has given me the ability to now travel every 6 months to Hawaii to see her if i want!! Financial Freedom!

I also love having my mama, to the right, on my team! She's kicking it in the Latina community!

What a way to help out FAMILY!!

I also get to choose who I work with and I knew my BFF Heather Ruby and I would finally get to unleash the POWER of TEAMWORK and ATTRACTION MARKETING!

We have FUN too!!

          Meet my extended family!  This is just a small part of our Family.  We're waiting on you!

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